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Breedng If you have been breeding pigeons over 6 years (5 pigeon generations) and are still breeding from pigeons purchased or acquired elsewhere, most likely your breeding program is not working and probably you are not going to make it as a pigeon breeder. Anyone has a cock and a hen can breed, but in the last 100 years of pigeon history, very few breeders created their own family of pigeons to qualify as a pigeon breeder, most of them are in the same class as chicken farmers or puppy mills dog breeders. Good breeders can always come back from scratch, select and purchase good breeding stocks, breed then select, in a few years they are back on top again. Regular guys even had the good fortune to own good stocks but in 2 generations they lost all the qualities and are out purchase pigeons again. The problem of today's high lost rate in races and sickness mostly due to irresponsible breeding from inferior stocks and the inability of the fanciers to bring the average quality of their birds upward.

On a race day, sometimes the best trained and conditioned pigeon wins, sometimes the healthiest, the luckiest, the one has their loft best positioned, the one finds the shortest route, or you believe the one that has the best eyes, best wings, best body ... No matter what the dominating factors are - the athlete who loves their home and fly their heart out to get back to their home where their mate and the loving fancier are waiting, will have the best chance of winning the game. May the pigeon that is an instrument of peace and love wins the race.

People in pigeons, as an addiction, to gamble, to dream, to play, to kill time, to make some money ... some even won the championship, by breeding hundreds and killing hundreds, did not accomplish anything. After all, it's all about your relationship with God and God's creation - the symbol of peace and love - your pigeons.

By Jesse Wu, New Jersey, U.S.A.
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