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In the winter of 1993 Gebroeders De Wit had their final auction 140 birds were sold in this auction.

"De Chartres" NL85-1340201 Won 1st 1339 birds Chartres, bred from De Wit Brothers' golden pair "636" X "536", was bought by my friend Mr. Huang of South Star Loft of Taiwan for $10,000 at 8 years of age.

De Wit's best racer "De Goeie 838" was bought by me.

With De Wit's recommendation I also bought his best young breeding couple:

NL88-1876101 "De 101"
won 4-1340, 6-2854, 6-1593, 8-1740
Sire: 83-117541 Zoon Reims, Nic Janssens
Dam: 84-1662419 "636 X 536" Sister of "De Chartres"

NL87-2117789 "Kras 789" grand daughter of "636"

This pair bred for De Wit

NL89-1352525 "Het 525"
won 1-3871, 2-743, 2-857, 1-269, 2-310

In Taiwan these birds bred sensational racers. After I wrote about these super pigeons in Taiwan's magazines, Piet V/d Merwe's "De Blauwe 630" was later sold to one of our competing loft in Taiwan.

If these were the only good pigeons bred by De Wit brothers I'd not have considered them as super pigeons. In addition, De Wit bred 3 famous breeders for Willem De Bruijn :

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