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Auction date: 2 PM Sunday Nov. 5, 2000 at Perth Amboy Pigeon Club, New Jersey. Phone: 732-826-6264

Breeding Cock

  1. NL91-9192023 B C "Blue Stabel",(old ring 92 late bred) Sire of my 94-0592 1st Central Jersey Combine (CJC) O.B. 4362 bird 217 Miles plus 4 times in the 1st 10. "Blue Stabel" is gr. son of Louis Stabel's golden pair, parents and gr. parents of more than 12 National winners. "Blue Stabel" bred from Louis Stabel's best racer, my pick of his loft. Ganus went there later and bought NL91-9192027 "Golden Jewel" (YB cost $1000), NL91-9192644 "St Quentin" (YB $1500), and NL91-9192035 "Bright Star" you can find them in Ganus' breeding catalog.
  2. NL94-5565731 B C "Mooi Blauwe" ("Beautiful Blue") 100% Janssen, won 50 prizes in 4 years, 15 times in the 1st 10 (No Doubling), 1-305, 7-2007, 2-300, 6-1489, 3-645, 9-4119, 4-300, 5-246, 6-802, 7-234, 8-145, 8-487, 8-438, 9-319, 9-690, 10-209, 10-468, from 100 to 600 km. Grand son of the famous "Chartres" of De Wit Brothers. "Chartres" in my opinion the best Janssen breeder in Europe for the last 15 years, countless National Ace-Pigeons bred down from him, sold to Taiwan at 10 year old for $10,000 UDS. "Chartres" is the grand sire to Campbell's "Super 239" 4th National Ace-Pigeon YB. "Mooi Blauwe" Gr Sire to my best Y.B. 3 X 1st 10 in 99 Independent Combine.
  3. NL94-1811642 B C "SuperKweeker" ("Super Breeder") 100% Janssen, I bought "SuperKweeker" in a final auction in Holland, he was absolute number 1 Janssen breeder of the loft. Sire of NL97-1743165 won 1-974, 2-6274 as young bird, and NL96-2226104 won 1-1142, 2-864, 8-1166 etc.
    Sire Full brother of De Klak's best pigeon "De 13". 4 X 1st, 3 X 1st Ace-pigeon in Reusel, 1, 2, 2, 6, Ace-pigeon Section 1 Afd. Oost-Brabant.
    Dam Gr Dau of Janssen bros' "Blauwe Witpen Van 77" X Daughter of "Bange Van 67"
    I bought "SuperKweeker" in a final auction in Holland absolute number 1 Janssen breeder.
  4. 95-1424 B C "Vechter", as a Y.B. won 1st National NEU young bird 6,356 birds 259 Miles, and 11th Club 233b, (32nd CJC 3,407b) 300 Miles. Father of my CJC Combine Ace-pigeon AU96-A-5016 Blue Cock, "5016" won 1-178, 54-3279, 3-213, 15-3134, 4-146, 10-3285, 4-194, 92-2094, 10-162, 238-3125. Daughter won 1-265, 7-5039; 2-271. "Vechter" (Fighter) is now the best breeding cock of my loft, I rarely see a pigeon defend the nest like him. Children are now breeding winners.
    Sire Bred from 2 De Klak Imports "Marietje", "Old Witoger" and "Afgekeurde" blood.
    DamGr Gr Dau of "Baron" 1st Nat Bouges and "Sprinter" 1st Nat. Vierzon.
  5. NL94-1440209 B C Janssen, Son of "The Bange Couple" H & C Bosua's No. 1 pair (Bosua was 1st Overall Best Loft of all Holland in 1997 & 1998 the Golden Duif Award Winner). Sire of my best racer in 99 IF98-0732 Blue Cock, won as a yearling 6th Combine 3,478 birds 300 miles, 40th Combine 3,415 birds 200 miles, 40th Combine 2,139 birds 100 miles.
    Sire "Bange Blauwe" 17th Nat. Orlean 11244 birds. Gr. son of Maurits Voets' "Blauwe AS" 1st Ace-pigeon `88 and 2nd Ace-Pigeon `89.
    Dam "Bange Light" Gr gr daughter of "De 46". "Bange Couple is parent of many winners and grand parents of 1996 1st National Orlean Winner against 15,670 birds.
  6. NL94-1119706 B C, 100% Nelles v/d Pol Hofkens.
    Sire Son of Broer "Goede Jaarling `81".
    Dam Daughter of "Holle Rug" Van Vliet-Mastrigt's Foundation Cock. Bred CJC diploma winners.
    Van Vliet-Mastrigt is a champion flyer in South Holland specialized in Hofkens. His 1st final auction of all breeders break all records (Rick Mardis was also there and bought some birds), I bought these Hofkens in his 2nd auction of all yearlings and young birds which average $1600 a bird.
  7. 94-1292 B C 100% Janssen, Dominate Violet eyes. Won 10th in 300M BFR race. Bred from Don Hart's No. 1 De Klak Janssen pair, full brother to Crack 22 who won 2 X 1st 9 X 1st 10. This was highest price pigeon I bought in Don Hart's Auction. Father bred from Gr. son Marietje and Gr Dau Oude Witoger, Mother is a sister to the famous Television Hen Merckx blood. Bred winners.
  8. 94-MPK-5454 Light Check Inbred "969" Janssen, super breeding eyes. SirePaul Calabrese's No. 1 Cock "Primo 567" son of "969" and "048" Dam Calabrese's best hen "daddy's Girl" dau of Primo 567. Full brother to Calabrese's best breeder now sire of CJC Combine Ace Pigeon and American Ace Pigeon. "5454" bred for me a super racer 96-5034 who won 1-146, 25-2094; 2-248, 11-3812; 3-178, 56-3279; 8-142, 184-2850 ...; Daughter was 1st Club (20 minutes ahead) 3rd CJC. The best of Ganus Janssen.
  9. 97-0352 B C Smeulder Janssen. Dominate Violet eyes. Sire "Houdini" Jimmy the Greek Olympiad loft's No. 1 cock now owned by JoJo International. Dam daughter of "Houdini" won 1st CJC 3,812 birds 59 ypm ahead. A father to daughter inbred. Bred money winner for me at Gulf Coast Classic race.

    Breeding Hen

  10. NL96-2226218 BC H 100% Janssen, was 1st Overall Ace-Pigeon Y.B. Regional (Vereniging = Combine). Won 2 X 1st Total 11 prizes as Y.B. including
    1st - 1,166, 4th - 3,843 St. Ghislain
    1st - 864, 5th - 3,055 Peronne
    12 - 192 Chantilly
    48 - 3,920 StrB

    Bred NL97-1473226 won 5th - 1,468 birds.
    Sire "Schalie 35" bred by Bert Braspenning (the guy who made "Van Moorsel" famous), Gr son of "De Atleet", Janssens bros "Dikke Stier" and "Klein Roodoog" blood.
    Dam "Kweekduif" a super breeder won 31 prizes "Lichte" and Scherpe" blood.
  11. NL94-1419388 "388" BC H 100% Janssen, "388" is mother of NL95-1887741 1st Overall Ace-Pigeon 96, 10 times 1st 10. A super world class breeder. The Best Hen of my loft.
    Sire "Lieverd" won 32 prizes 8 times in the 1st 10, Gr gr son of "Geeloger Van 67".
    Dam Daughter of De Wit brother's world famous "Chartres" (See Lot 2).
  12. NL95-1887741 B H 100% Janssen, 1st General Champion Duif 96 (1st Ace-Pigeon Combine), won 20 top prizes 10 X 1st 10 including
    1 - 559 St. Ghislain
    2 - 754 Peronne
    2 - 437 Creil
    2 - 814 Strombeek
    4 - 1,489 Creil
    4 - 822 St. Ghislain
    4-1489, 5-2592, 7-192, 8-2477, 9-567, 13-2744, 17-1212, 20-1272
    ... etc.
    Sire Direct De Klak gr. son of "Afgekeurde" X dau of "Schalie Blauw Van Kapotte Borstbeen" of Janssens brothers.
    Dam is NL94-1419388 above (Lot 11).
    NL95-1887741 is the most expensive hen in my loft. Bred for me 7th CJC 3478 birds 300 miles.
  13. NL95-5567344 BCH 100% Janssen, won 15 prizes, including
    1st - 723 Minderhout
    7 - 724 36 - 10,554 St. Ghislain
    12 - 638 Strombeek
    15 - 416 Houdeng
    18 - 501 Arras
    19 - 522 Roye
    28 - 6,667 Semi-National Bouges

    Bred 1st Club 10th CJC 4,000+ B. Full brother to NL93-5375269 "Witbuik" who won 29 X 1st 10, 1-4432, 1-3361, 1-234, 1-300 ... Sire "Staaloger" and Marietje" blood
    DamGr gr dau of "Oude Geeloger Van 67".
  14. NL96-2275199 BC H, won 6 prizes as YB, including
    2nd - 706, 10 - 3641, 13 - 8814 Peronne

    Sire Son of De Wit Brothers' Riems, a very famous bird in Europe.
    Dam daughter of 1st Nat. Ace-Pigeon Foundation bird of Adree V Rhee.
  15. NL97-1743165 LC H 100% Janssen, won as young bird
    1st - 974 Strombeek
    2nd - 6,274 Strombeek

    Sire NL94-1811642 "SuperKweeker" A super breeder bred from a full brother of De Klak's "De 13".
    Dam "kld Tamme" "Lichte V '74" "Oude Witoger" and "Marietje" blood. Full brother to NL96-2226104 won 1-1142, 2-864, 8-1166 etc.
  16. AU95-0050 B 1W/F 100% Janssen Hen. In my opinion she has the best racing record in the CJC history as Y.B. not racing at 80 to 150 miles but at 250 to 300 miles. Won 3 weeks in row as Y.B.
    2 - 234, 2 - 6,356 259 miles (Equal 1st North East Union National)
    1 - 233, 2 - 3,407 300 miles (Combine loss by 30 seconds)
    6 - 228, 53 - 3,398 259 miles
    Bred from a line of "Golden Breeding Hens", her mother was bred from H.B.'s Perfect "Ten", "Ten" was bred from a 1/2 sister of "019" who is a daughter of Janssen brothers' golden breeding hen "Kweekduif Van `67". Daughter won 1-265, 7-5039 215 Miles; grand Dam to 5th QCM race this year only 8 day birds.
  17. AU96-0282 B H Smeulder Janssen, Gr. Dau. of JoJo's "Houdini". Deep Violet eyes, better than any other Smeulder Janssens I've seen and a NEU winner. Won
    1st Club, 4th CJC 2569 birds, 45th 9115 birds, 1st Sector B 230-255 miles North East Union National 250 miles.
    3rd Club, 16th CJC 2094 birds 100 miles.
    3rd Club, 129th CJC 2850 birds 300 miles.
    Son of "Houdini" Full brother to 1st CJC 3812 B 150 M.
    DamDaughter of "Artist" and "Venus".
  18. AU97-0877 B H Smeulder Janssen, sister to 96-0282. Deep Violet eyes, won several top CJC combine diplomas:
    2nd Club, 16th CJC 1,632 Birds 457 Miles.
    3rd Club, 17th CJC 3,933 Birds 187 Miles.

    This is the kind of Janssens that fly 100 to 500 miles. Non better.
  19. NL93-2381165 B W/F H, 100% Nelles v/d Pol Hofkens. won as YB
    9th - 10,066 birds Chantilly
    flew only 2 races before she was injured. She is Grand Daughter of "Holle Rug" Van Vliet-Mastrigt's Foundation Cock,
    Sire bred directly by Nesses v/d Pol. Son of sister "Goede Jaarling `81".
    Dam Daughter of "Holle Rug" Van Vliet-Mastrigt's Foundation Cock. Bred winners.
    Van Vliet-Mastrigt is a champion flyer in South Holland specialized in Hofkens. His 1st final auction of all breeders break all records (Rick Mardis was also there and bought some birds), I bought these Hofkens in his 2nd auction of all yearlings and young birds which average $1600 a bird.
  20. NL94-1119634 BC H, 100% Nelles v/d Pol Hofkens. Won 4 prizes as YB including
    6th - 819, 34 - 1823, 61 - 3400 Roye

    Sire Son of Broer "Goede Jaarling `81".
    Dam Daughter of "Holle Rug" Van Vliet-Mastrigt's Foundation Cock. One of my best Hofkens breeding hen.
  21. NL94-1119677 Blue Check, Won 5 prizes as YB including
    11th - 7,058 Arras
    60 - 1,639 Roye

    Sire son of "Stamduivin" Vliet-Mastrigt's Foundation Hen.
    Dam gr. daughter of "Good Yearling `81". One of my best Hofkens breeding hen.
  22. 95-114 LC H Inbred Merckx. Bred by Mike Ganus, the best of Ganus Janssen.
    Sire Son of "Continental Class" (Son Young Merckx)
    Dam Daughter of "Assured Gold" and "Granger's Diamond". Bred winners, a daughter was 1st 100M 380+ birds this 2000 YB.
  23. 96-GSL-38 B H Inbred Merckx, The best of Ganus Janssen, super breeding eyes you will not find anywhere else. Father Calabrese's best Cock "Continental Prince" son of "Continental Class" (Son Young Merckx) X Calabrese's best hen dau of Primo 567. 1/2 sister to CJC Combine Ace-Pigeon and American-Ace-Pigeon.
  24. 96GSL-242 BCH The Best of 1st Big-All-American Paul Calabrese, full sisters to 1st "Ariel" and 3rd "Tame" overall Ace-Pigeon Central Jersey Combine (CJC) 1995. "Ariel" 95MSI-2021 Blue Check Hen scored 4 times in one season as young bird:
    3rd - 4,926 b 162 Miles
    3rd - 3,398 b 265 Miles
    8th - 4,561 b 120 Miles
    35th - 5,109 b 120 Miles

    "Tame" Blue Check Cock scored 2 X 1st CJC South Section and 1st place overall CJC as YB. Rope inner eye muscle. Bred diploma winners.
    Sire Son of Ganus' "National Ace 543" 1st National Ace-Pigeon all Holland 1988 and "Angel" 1st Nat. Ace-Pigeon Hen of all Holland 1991 Dam to 1st National Ace-Pigeon OB '93 bred by Willem De Bruijn.
    Dam "Kayla" Bred from "Continental Prince" son of "Continental Class" and "Princess" mated to a daughter of "Primo 567" son of "969" the foundation cock of Paul Calabrese"
  25. 96GSL-323 BC Full sister of 1st and 3rd CJC ACe-Pigeon and 96GSL-242. Rope inner eye muscle. Bred diploma winners.
  26. IF95WMR-3786 Blue Janssen Hen, Sire NL90-1790289 Brother to Ace-pigeon "Champion 107", gr. gr son of Janssen Bros' Golden breeding hen "Kweekduif Van `67" (Dam to 019), Geeloger and Merckx blood. Dam bred by Tom Famhie, Battleridge loft "Iron Man" blood. Nice deep chestnut breeding eyes.
  27. 97-1554 BC Hen, bred by Gerry Eurlings/Ed Jankowski Janssen

    Flyers/Late Bred

  28. 97-9701 BC H, My super racer, won
    4th - 178 150M
    6th - 128 250M
    12 - 130 115M
    10 Club, 66th CJC 2139 B 100M
    12 Club, 223 CJC 3516 B 150M
    13 Club, 45 CJC 1632 B 500M

    Sire 87-1234 Jankowski Janssen won 5 X 1st 10. DamNL92-1466708 My best breeding hen, bred winner every year.
  29. 97-9585 BC Hen, Nestmate 9586 was 1st Club 3rd CJC. Bred from Sire 94-5454 gr gr son "019", Dam NL92-1491393 mother to my Combine Ace-Pigeon.
  30. 98-1920 B H 100% Janssen, Sire NL94-1811642 "SuperKweeker" De Klak "De 13" blood, Dam gr gr daughter of "Young Merckx". This hen has so called Duck feet that only appear in very inbred Janssens, most birds with this sign turn out to be good breeders.
  31. 98-1934 LC H 100% Janssen, Sire NL94-1811642 "SuperKweeker" De Klak "De 13" blood, Dam gr gr daughter of "019"
  32. 98-1939 Dark Checker Hen, nestmate was 7th CJC 3478 birds 300 miles. Sire NL88-2129722 "Oude Donkere" Foundation Cock of Gust Smolders, Dam NL95-1887741 Janssen 1st Ace-Pigeon 10 X 1st 10.
  33. 98-0735 Blue Hen, Sire NL94-1440209 Son of "Bange Couple" "46" Janssen blood. Dam NL90-1000201 mother of 1St CJC Combine 4,362 birds 200M. 1999 late bred (old ring), last daughter of NL90-201 kept for stock, my best.
  34. 99-2965 BC Janssen Hen, Sire 87-1234 Jankowski Janssen 5 X 1st 10. Dam is an inbred Merckx from gr. son of Young Merckx X gr. gr. daughter of "019".
  35. 99-7599 Blue Janssen Hen, sister to 99-2965 (Lot 34).
  36. 99-2980 Blue Janssen Hen, Sire 94-1292 De Klak Janssen Dam daughter of "Houdini" full sister to 1st CJC 3812 birds 150 miles.
  37. 99-2916 Bw/fspl, won
    2nd Club, 22nd Combine 1,286 birds Y.B.
    Sire "Blue Stabel" NL91-9192023 father of 1st CJC Combine winner.
    Dam NL92-1466701 mother of 3rd CJC Combine at 200 miles 4300+ birds. Mostly Van Loon blood.
  38. 2000-2186 Blue Janssen Hen, Sire 95-1424 1st NEU Nat. 6356b 250 Miles. Dam NL93-2638333 "Foundation Hen" mother of NL94-1366686, gr. dam to 1st Ace-Pigeon. The Best.
  39. 2000-2189 Blue Janssen Hen, Sire 95-1424 1st NEU Nat. 6356b 250 Miles. Dam a gr. daughter of "Houdini".
  40. 2000-2193 Blue Hen, Sire 95-1424 1st NEU Nat. 6356b 250 Miles. Dam 94-GFL-762 Direct Daughter of "Assured Gold" X "Granger's Diamond" the best of Mike Ganus Janssen.