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Final Auction
Sunday, November 5, 2000
Perth Amboy Pigeon Club, Phone: 732-826-6264
806 Central Place, Perth Amboy
New Jersey
Display 1:00, Auction 2:00 PM
Owner: Jesse Wu 732-957-8358 Auctioneer: Eric Gioiosa 718-948-4557
Direction: 440 East take State Street Perth Amboy Exit (Last Exit in N.J. before Staten Island N.Y.) stay left, off ramp make first left onto Pulaski Ave. 2 block make left onto Central Place.

Early this year I took a job in New York City, more than 3 hours of commuting each day with little kids made racing impossible for the foreseeable future.

I've been importing/exporting pigeons for almost 30 years. My knowledge in the international racing sports has given me many good opportunities to acquire some of the best pigeons in the world. What I am offering to you at this auction are all the best pigeons I keep for myself. Many of them cost me more than twice than what I am asking and it took me many years of studying, waiting, buying, testing, and culling to come up with a breeding team which I think is second to none. Most of my imports were personally selected and bought at the final disposal sales when the fanciers I know well quit or died. I spent a lot of efforts to buy key breeders that were bred from the best Janssens and Hofkens. Real good birds almost never being offered for sale, I often have to wait many years until the opportunity knocks. Any imports that did not meet my expectations were already culled, every pigeon here is a proven breeder according to my highest standard. Now is your chance to take advantage of my years of experience. Please check out my auction list: Auction List of World Class Racing Pigeons

My Race Results
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Contact: Please call Jesse Wu at (732)957-8358 after 8 PM EST or send Email to