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Daughter of 019

Daughter of 019

Pigeon, Pigeon
Soft and Gray
Pecks and flys entire day
Likes corn and the bird seed
Eats any kind or sort of feed
You give it.

--- Pigeon Poem by Priscilla Wu (8 year old)

Welcome to the wonderful world of pigeon racing
Janssen & Hofkens
World class pigeons from internationally known fanciers

My breeders were personally selected and imported from Belgium or Holland, which consist of the following families:

Janssen Brothers, Arendonk, Belgium
My Janssen pigeons are down from "Merckx", "019", and "Geeloger" of Janssen brothers. The Janssen family in my opinion is the best kept breed of racing pigeon today, the value is in their ability to breed superior racing machines when crossed with almost any performance pigeons.
Gust Hofkens, Merksplas, Belgium
My Hofkens pigeons are mostly down from Nelles Van de Pol's famous "Goede Jaarling of `81". Van de Pol was a cattle breeder and a close friend to the rich butcher Gust Hofkens, this is why I think v/d Pol had the best Hofkens. Gust Hofkens passed away in `77, Van de Pol died in `87, all their birds were sold in public auctions.