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Picured here are my breeders for 2003, let your mouse stay on the photo for 2 second to see the band number pop up. All my breeders were bred by myslf except 2 original Dutch imports 91-248 92-394.

Breeding Cocks

Eye: 91-248BC Cock Eye: 02-745DCWF Cock Eye: 01-665BCWF Cock Eye: 02-3817BC Cock Eye: 96-5016B Cock Eye: 98-0732B Cock Eye: 98-0348BC Cock Eye: 99-7590LC Cock Eye: 02-779DBC Cock Eye: 95-486BWFT Cock Eye: 95-3013B Cock

Breeding Hens

Eye: 92-394B Hen Eye: 96-5055BC Hen Eye: 01-670B Hen Eye: 00-2199B Hen Eye: 92-OldBWFT Hen Eye: 99-2994B Hen Eye: 96-2220B1WF Hen Eye: 01-643BC Hen Eye: 97-019BC Hen Eye: 99-7598BCWF Hen Eye: 99-2903BC Hen Eye: 91-401 Slate Hen

Most pigeon breeders look and breed for certain traits. The eyesign theory to me was based on the genetic linkage between the genotype (such as racing genes) and phenotype (such as signs in the eye). To me, there is no such thing as a breeder's eyesign or dual purpose eye, there is only racing eye - high quality eyes that often seen in champions. If a bird does not carry the racing genes, there is nothing to pass on. Good racers will breed good racers. Poor racers sometimes breed good racers but I'm not going to practice that in my breeding program. Birds with beautiful eyes but can not race are for shows or bred for commercial reasons. Not all birds carry the same trait (eyesign) especially in different families will be good racers, but within the same family your odds will improve tremendously.

Thanks to Phil Lincoln for taking these great eyesign Photos, all photos taken under the same condition on June 1, 2003

By Jesse Wu, New Jersey, U.S.A.
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