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The Janssen Family

During one of my visits to the Janssen brothers, here I bought another direct Janssen. In the nest a gr. daughter of the "Zitter"

My Janssens are mostly light checkers and blue bars, with broad chest and round back, lots of muscle, apple shaped body, have nicely rounded flights, true one feather tail, perfect body conformation. They are the best up to 250 miles. Over the years, I've bought over 30 pigeons directly bred by the Janssen brothers, and many more bred from direct Janssens. I studied over several hundred pedigrees made out by the Janssen brothers and had consulted the Janssens brothers. I talk to the writer of the Janssen brother book on a regular basis and had manny discussions with breeders around the world who specialize in Janssens. The following conclusion on Janssen Bros' breeding methods were first published in "Performance Pigeons Worldwide ".

The breeding methods of Janssen brothers (partial):

  1. Two full/half brothers. one mated to the other's daughter
  2. Two full/half brothers. one's son mated to the other's daughter
  3. Two full sisters, or half sisters bred from the same father. one mated to the other's son
  4. brother and sister mating, both bred from same father but different mothers.
Let's see how the most famous Janssen pigeon "Oude Merckx" B67-6282031 was bred:

"De Oude Merckx" 21 X 1st
                                        |B51-6117447 BC %%
                                        |"Bange Van '51"
                     |Stier Van '55 **--|
                     |Brother of        |                   |B48-6445161
                     |Bange Van '59     |Blauwke Van '54 ##-|"Blauwe Van '48"
      "Donkere Stier"|                                      |B51-6463692
     |B63-6510753  --|                                      |"Schoon Lichte"
     |               |
     |               |                  |Half Fabry        -|"Trage" ##
     |               |                  |                    Brother Blauwke '54
     |               |B62-6130361 BC  --|
     |               Sister of          |                   "Bange Van '59" **
  "De Oude Merckx"   Oude Witoger '65   |                   |B59-6236207 BC
  B67-6282031 BC                        |Geschelpt Van '61 -|
  (Method 2)
     |                                  |B51-6117447 BC %%
     |                                  |"Bange Van '51"
     |               "Bange Van '59" ** |
     |               |B59-6236207 BC  --|                   |B48-6445161
     |               |                  |Lichte  ##       --|"Blauwe Van '48"
     |               |                   Full sister of     |B51-6463692
     |               |                   Blauwke Van '54    |"Schoon Lichte"
     |"Kleintje"     |
     |B65-6524603  --|                                      |B51-6117447 BC %%
      (Method 1)     |                  |B56-6588840 **   --|"Bange Van '51"
                     |                  |"Dikke Blauwe"     |
                     |Geschelpt       --|Brother Bange '59  |Blauwke Van '54 ##
The Super Champion "KAMP '74" of Jos Van Limpt, De Klak :

"Champion 0f '74" won several 1st in the Federation
                                  |B51-6117447 BC
                    |B59-6236207--|"Bange '51"
                    |"Bange '59"
      "Dure"        |
     |B70-6685141 --|
     |              |B69-6054586
  (Method 2)
  "KAMP '74"
  NL74-2398283 BC                 |B51-6117447 BC
     |              |B59-865733 --|"Bange '51"
     |              |Half brother
     |H70-674613  --|Bange '59

The famous "46 Verbarth" winner of 15 first prizes
Bred from the Golden Pair of Jos Van Limpt, De Klak :
      "Vechter"     |
     |H57-400174  --|
     |              |H54-796218
  (Method 1)
  H62-538376 BC
  "Jonge Vechter"
  H59-237300 BC
  "46 Verbarth"
  H65-1384946 BC                  |H50-581305
     |              |H53-130787 --|"Witoger"
     |"Witpenneke"  |Half brother
     |H54-796196  --|Vechter

Notice the similarity of top Janssen pigeons, all light checker.

Since Janssen don't write detailed pedigrees, and often do not write the band numbers on the maternal side. Very few people know the strength of the Janssen hens. Follow link to my story of The Golden Breeding Hens of Janssen Brothers

My Favorite Janssen links:
The Most Famous Pigeon Fanciers in the World - by Henk van Limpt-De Prut.
An Introduction of the Janssen Brothers - by Freddy Thienpont .
The influence of the Blauwe of 48 and the Bange of 51 on the modern Janssen Pigeon - by Richard Clingan.

By Jesse Wu, New Jersey, U.S.A.
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